Dial a Sermon lets you stay connected with your offline community

Dial a sermon is a service that configures a land line phone number to receives phone calls and play a customized pre-recorded message.  The message can be anything, but our intended purpose is to use this technology to distribute recorded sermons!  As the world continues to socially distance, too many of our “non digital” brothers and sisters have no means of staying connected with their communities.  Dial a sermon fills that gap!

Setting up a dial a sermon phone number is a distribution mechanism for your congregants who don’t have internet access or lack the expertise to use their computer to download a podcast.  When you sign up for dial a sermon we setup a local phone number that you can give out to your congregants.  You pay a $25 one time setup fee, and a monthly fee of $10 for this number which includes the first 200 minutes of incoming calls, additional calls are billed at $0.02/minute.  Your recorded message can be updated weekly.

Call (913) 828-2174 for an example recorded message

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can setup a dial a sermon phone number for your church or organization, please contact us through the info on our contact page.